I have been speaking to groups of all ages for over 20 years. My heart is to bring hope and encouragement to women, especially moms, in the midst of all life throws at us. I love speaking at multi-day retreats and single-day events for women, families, couples, kids, christian groups, fitness events, and any community that needs hope and encouragement. As a former pastor’s wife, once-widowed mother of three, and now a step-mother to another daughter, and a new wife, I speak about how life doesn’t always go as planned. 

But the great news is, WE ARE NOT STUCK THERE! My hope and prayer is that all who hear me speak will find themselves encouraged and inspired no matter what they have been through or what they are facing. WE are not alone and we are not imprisoned by the heartache and curve balls life has thrown at us. God is faithful and HE will never leave us or forsake us. There is hope and healing waiting for us, and we can find laughter, joy, and peace even in our perfectly imperfect lives. 

With the right workout program, a proven nutrition plan, hard work, support, encouragement, and accountability, anything is possible.

Sometimes we need someone to walk through this time with us, to teach us and help equip us with how to live in our new normal.

I have had the privilege of equipping my clients with the new skills they need to help them begin living their life with purpose and joy.


Certified Health Coach  |  Certified Grief & Life Coach  |  Event & Retreat Speaker