Real Talk About Shakeology


I grew up in a home that was all about eating real food. We simply didn’t do shakes. So, when I first heard about Shakeology, I was the biggest skeptic out there. I mean let’s get real. There are 80 bazillion shakes that all claim to be “so good for you.” How would an average person like me know which shake to buy or if there was even any redeeming value to this shake that came with my home workout program I had just purchased. My plan was to try it, then send it back and get my money back because I was sure it was disgusting and had no real value like I assumed all shakes to be.

Little did I know, this silly little shake would become such a staple for my entire family.

And before I go on telling you why, I want you to know that I would never encourage others to take something that I had not completed checked out on my own. I am a woman of integrity and if I am going to talk about ANY product, let alone one I drink every day and have my family drink every day, you better believe that I have done my research, had independent doctors check it out and give their approval, have multiple nutritionists look at every ingredient and teach me about them, and even do my own medical test of having my blood work done and then again a year later to check and make sure there was real benefit to drinking it daily. And, I have to be honest, I was not surprised that my blood work came back showing that I was super healthy-in fact both my blood work and my husband’s came back showing that we were in the top .01% of the population, and the only thing we added was Shakeology. This was real evidence to me and this is the study that really matters to me.

I am so passionate about helping people live healthier lives from the inside out- mind, body and soul. Sometimes that can feel like an overwhelming process. But know that you don’t have to do an immediate overhaul of your life and your pantry. That’s one of the things I love about Shakeology. There are so many health benefits to it and it provides the daily nutrients your body needs every single day in a super easy and delicious way! It’s fast, it’s packed full of high quality proteins, probiotics, fiber, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, superfoods, vitamins and minerals, all things that are hard to get in your average, even healthy every day diet, and it’s one small thing you can do everyday to get your body back on track, that leads to huge results in the future.

We all know how important it is to start our day off right by giving our body what it needs. But when you are running out the door to get to work or taking the kids to school, or dealing with issues that pop up every day, it can be hard to find something healthy to start your day and life can get a little frantic. This is why I love that Shakeology is my ultimate fast food. No need for the drive-thru, or stopping at the bagel or the donut shop, when it literally only takes me 3 minutes to whip up a shake. And it’s great for my kids because they can drink it on the way to school and I can feel confident that they are getting the nutrients they need to be healthy and to fuel their bodies.

Let’s talk CRAVINGS. Does anyone else get cravings? Shakeology has totally helped with my cravings because it helps my body to feel full and it actually gives it what it needs. It also gives you energy, keeps you regular :), and helps you loose weight. WOOHOOO! And my clients who are have auto-immune diseases or high blood pressure or high cholesterol or other health issues, or who have lost their appetite due to chemotherapy, Shakeology has often been the only thing they could stomach and has helped them maintain weight and nutrients in the body. YES YES YES! But most importantly, it tastes delicious! And that matters in my house!

Y’all we need to remember that a healthy outside starts on the inside! Are you ready? Click on my contact tab and let's talk about how you can get healthy from the inside out one small choice at a time?!

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