I am a wife to an amazing man who taught me how to love again after the loss of my first husband to cancer. I am also a busy mom to four teenagers - two biological daughters, a biological son, and a stepdaughter.

When I was 34, my husband was diagnosed out of the blue with Stage 4 colon cancer. He was given a less than 5% chance to live. We had three young children at the time and this diagnosis came out of the blue and rocked our world. Ten months later, despite the fight of our life, my husband passed away leaving me a widow and mom to three young kids at the age of 35. NEVER did I see this coming and NEVER was this part of the plan.

Kendra Zierau

When I lost my husband, my life got ripped apart, everything in me changed. I experienced such great loss and pain and loneliness that I didn’t know how I would survive, let alone truly live and find joy again. I was struggling with pain and anger and how unfair it all was, and how to live and model for my kids that life goes on in spite of the pain and heartache we experience, but I didn’t have the tools to truly move forward. I realized that I had two choices to make. I could curl up in a ball and be angry and feel sorry for myself for the rest of my life, or I could turn to my faith, hold on to what I know was true and begin to live life again. I needed to be an example for my kids on how to deal with life. They had lost one parent, they couldn’t lose another. I knew the only way I could heal was to start trusting God and allowing him to heal my heart and to start focusing on self care, which I had forgotten how to do since becoming a caretaker. This is what led me to coaching, to learn the tools that would help me deal with grief, loss, and hard times because that’s life, and begin the process of healing and creating a new life.

We are all going to experience difficulties in life, and if I could learn the tools to help me in the worst time of life, then maybe I could help others with what they were going through. So in 2014, my new husband and I discovered T25, a workout we could do from home, and began to invest in getting healthy again. Through committing to this workout and a new nutrition plan, I learned new tools that actually worked and I lost 10 pounds and my husband lost 20 pounds. I was shocked! For the first time in a while, I felt truly good in my skin. I realized that if I could get results, anyone could, and it was my obligation to pay it forward. Thus began my health and fitness coaching business. Real people getting real results. And then I realized that after all that the kids and I had been through with the death of my husband, and with God’s guidance, I was called to be certified in grief counseling and help others through difficult life losses. People need support, they need tools, and they need someone to walk beside them, teaching, encouraging and motivating them to stay the course, trust the process, and rebuild their lives.

Being healthy from the inside out is NOT just about being a certain size or a number on the scale. It’s not just about how we look. It’s about truly dealing with issues in our life, whether they be physical - weight we can’t get rid of, bad nutrition habits, feelings of unworthiness, hating the skin we are in, dealing with food addictions, or mental issues - allowing past failures to define us, our obsession with perfection, needing others approval, feelings of unworthiness, or spiritual issues - accepting that you were created with a purpose and God has a great plan for your life, working through difficult times and knowing you have the strength and tools to get through it.

"I will help you navigate this journey of a reaching all your dreams, creating the life that you long for, loving the skin you are in, and helping you to accept that even with a perfectly imperfect life you are still a success and a gift to this world!"

- Kendra Zierau

With the right workout program, a proven nutrition plan, hard work, support, encouragement, and accountability, anything is possible.

Sometimes we need someone to walk through this time with us, to teach us and help equip us with how to live in our new normal.

I have had the privilege of equipping my clients with the new skills they need to help them begin living their life with purpose and joy.

I speak to groups of all ages. My heart is to bring hope and encouragement to women, especially moms in the midst of all life throws at us.


Certified Health Coach  |  Certified Grief & Life Coach  |  Event & Retreat Speaker

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Kendra Zierau
Kendra Zierau
Kendra Zierau