I grew up playing competitive tennis and until I was 39 years old I would have snubbed my nose at the idea any workout you did from home would ever get you in shape. Joining a group of women to be held accountable each day sounded like a joke. I spent my life working out three hours a day with trainers and hitting tennis balls. I never would have believed when I finally said yes to joining an online group I would have the greatest results I have ever had and I am the healthiest I have ever been. Lesson learned: Don’t knock it till you try it! Not everyone has the time or ability to work with a personal trainer to get the results they want. And we know that as we get older, it’s even harder to stay in shape and truly be healthy inside. We have always been told as we age our bodies will start to fall apart. What a LIE that is! Both my husband's and my own recent blood tests from the doctor show that we are the healthiest we have ever been and we fall in the top .01% of the population in regards to a healthy body.

We are not professional body builders, we do not spend all day or hours at the gym, we are not on a lifelong diet (I don’t believe in diets), we eat real food, we enjoy cocktails and desserts, but we have learned to enjoy all of it in the right way. I have tools to bring you the results you want, despite how many things you have tried in the past or the number of failures you have. We are about REAL people having REAL results! With the right workout program, a proven nutrition plan, hard work, support, encouragement, and accountability, ANYTHING is possible! Being healthy is NOT about being skinny, it’s about fueling your body properly and loving yourself and feeling confident in your own skin. It’s about believing in yourself and knowing that NOTHING is impossible with hard work and belief! Every month I run new Accountability groups. There is a spot ready for you. Fill out the form below and let’s get going! Imagine where you could be 6 weeks or 6 months from now! All you have to do is reach out and START!

"With the right workout program, a proven nutrition plan, hard work, support, encouragement, and accountability, ANYTHING is possible!"

- Kendra Zierau

Please consult your doctor prior to starting Shakeology, new eating habits and any new exercises. I am a certified health coach however I am not a certified nutritionalist or a certified trainer. Everything on my website is simply based off my own personal experiences.

Sometimes we need someone to walk through this time with us, to teach us and help equip us with how to live in our new normal.

I have had the privilege of equipping my clients with the new skills they need to help them begin living their life with purpose and joy.

I speak to groups of all ages. My heart is to bring hope and encouragement to women, especially moms in the midst of all life throws at us.


Certified Health Coach  |  Certified Grief & Life Coach  |  Event & Retreat Speaker

"I can’t even tell you what an incredible relief this is on a daily basis. What a relief to finally have regular digestion as part of my overall health."

—  Amethyst T.