Coaching has always been a passion of mine! Coaching has been a part of my life since I became an adult. I have coached tennis off and on since I graduated from college by teaching private lessons, helping out with teams and was the head Varsity coach for the last 9 years at our local high school. But tennis isn’t the only coaching I have done. For the last 20 years, I have coached teenagers through private counseling; I have taught in schools with my education degree, and I have coached people through grief and loss. And I am about to finish up my coaching certifications so that I have the tools needed to teach others how to have success! I had always said my dream job would be to take my coaching and teaching skills and combine them with my passion for health and fitness and inspiring people through difficult times and loss to help them live their best life. I never thought I could actually make a living at this or that this was a real job. It was a dream. But when I discovered that I could take this passion, make it a career that helped people AND provided well for myself and my family, and that I could teach others to do the same so they could create their dream job and life, I knew I had to do it.


When you suffer loss like I did in losing my husband to cancer at a young age, you realize life is short. I don’t want to waste my life getting up each day going to a job that I am not passionate about and working on someone else’s schedule and building their dreams. My coaching business has grown so that I was able to leave job and be at home present with my family. We only get ONE chance at this life and I was DETERMINED to always be present for my kids after their dad died, to live in a way that fills my cup and allows me to do the things that matter the most to me, and to prove that you can do what you love and provide for your family!! I LOVE getting up every day and going to work. And I am ready to teach others how to to create their own successful coaching business and wake up every day loving their life.

My dear friend Erin and I created a team called TEAM LT, which stands for Lives Transformed, and our mission is to transform lives from this inside out. We are growing and intend to be an Elite Team this year because we are helping hundreds of people each month reach their goals. We have discovered that Beachbody products-workouts, nutrition plans, Shakeology, and Challenge Groups have been instrumental in keeping our 40+ year old bodies the healthiest we have ever been. That’s why I work with this amazing company. This company is about ending the trend of obesity and helping people have true life long results! We are all about helping others have the same results and live a healthy lifestyle despite being super busy professionals, stay at home moms, single women pursuing their careers, or grandma’s trying to stay healthy in their 60’s, 70’s and beyond.


Are you ready for change? Are you ready to begin creating the life you have longed for by using your passion? You do not need to have certifications or be at your perfect weight or have all the answers, you just have to be willing to work hard and have a desire to help others! We will train you and teach you all you need to know to grow a successful business. We are always looking to add more women who want to change lives and make a positive impact on this world and who long to work from home and be their own CEO. Are you feeling that nudge? Are you reading this thinking this could be right for you? Then it’s time to say YES and join Team LT! Our training begins the first Monday of every month. Submit the application below and I will get back to you ASAP and we can get started!

"I love getting up every day and going to work. My passion is to teach others how to to create their own successful coaching business and wake up every day loving their life."

- Kendra Zierau